Inky lets you send your confidential information to those who do not have an Inky account- safely, securely, and easy to use.  The recipient doesn't have to create or remember another new username or password, their email address is their authorization.  Here's how:

  1. Send your encrypted message from your Inky account:
  2. Your recipient will receive an introductory note (customize as you wish in Settings) that informs them they have an encrypted message.  Click the "View Secure Message" button to authenticate their email account.
  3. Inky will pop a secure browser window- and the recipient authenticates by entering their own email address.  Inky sends another email back to the recipient, now with a link to download the encrypted file, and decrypt it.

  4. The recipient clicks the Authorization button:

  5. Inky pops the secure browser window which the contents of the message can now be read, and responded to.  This message back to the sender will also be encrypted.  Add attachments too!