Inky now offers the ability to send encrypted email to non-Inky users, and has added more options to help you manage how you send your confidential information.  Here's what's new:


Use standard S/MIME for signed and encrypted mail (may lead to "untrusted" warnings in non-Inky email clients)

Inky follows all of the rules of S/MIME.  If you need to have strict adherence to the S/MIME standard, e.g. you need to be able to export your private key (which you can do in the "Security" section of "Settings") and use Outlook to read encrypted email, this is the option for you.  

When encrypting outgoing mail, never send a secure link version (i.e., only send encrypted mail to other Inky users)

Recipients must have installed Inky in order to read the encrypted email from sender.

When encrypting outgoing mail, always send a secure link version (i.e., ensure all encrypted mail is usable outside Inky)

Regardless of whether the recipient is has Inky installed or not on the device, or perhaps they are accessing their mail from a non inky client- this option sends a link as well so non-inky clients have a link to access and decrypt the message.

You can customize the unencrypted text that gets sent as an introduction to encrypted messages

Customize your message to the recipient- informing them they have a confidential message- and to follow the link in the message to validate who they are and how to decrypt it.