PLEASE NOTE* These instructions are ONLY for Inky business or enterprises looking to provide access to Inky for their employees.  If you are using Inky for personal use- you ONLY need ONE license- then you will add your personal accounts you have access to via the "Add Account" button on your home screen- and begin the email account discovery process.

This procedure give the Inky license itself to people to then go and add their own personal accounts via the "Add Account" button once they download Inky and register their own unique Inky username.

Inky provides a way in the store to manage your licenses (update, add, delete) for your employees.

1. Go to and select the "I'M AN EXISTING CUSTOMER" button.

2. Enter the email tied to your subscription when you originally set up the account. The grey "send access link" button will turn blue when you enter your address, and you can select it. This will send an access link to your email address.

3. From your email address, select the link to get to your subscription settings, select "EDIT SEAT QUANTITY AND ROSTER".

4. This will bring you to your current roster with spaces which should be available based on licenses you've paid for that you are now assigning to people.  You can add to your roster manually and when finished click "SAVE" at the top left of the screen, or if you have many changes to make you can upload a file and do this in bulk.

5. If you have a bulk of people to add to your roster you can do this via a .txt file (notepad or something similar)  

Hover over and click "UPLOAD ROSTER"

This will pop a window with instructions:

You have a choice to upload and replace your roster, or simply append it

You can upload a roster from a basic text file, each line should contain a single email address

You will have a chance to preview the changes before saving or reverting

Make your choice, browse to your file and when uploaded, click the blue "SAVE" button at the top left of the screen