Welcome to Inky! This email will take you on a tour of the Inky interface.

Home List 

The first thing you'll see when you log into Inky is the Home List, where you can navigate to different parts of the app. 

The Mailboxes section of the Home List

Mailboxes section of the Home List.

The Mailboxes section contains all your commonly used views or saved searches (aka "mailboxes" in Inky). When you start, you'll just see Inky’s built-in mailboxes, such as the Unified Inbox, Filtered Inbox, Attachments, and Subscriptions. In a future email, we'll explain how to create your own custom mailboxes, such as Coworkers or Bills to Pay. The Edit link at the top of the section lets you reorder the list of mailboxes, or to disable or delete unwanted mailboxes. 

Below Mailboxes, you’ll find the Accounts section, which lists each of the individual email accounts that you’ve added to Inky. Here you can view your existing folders in each account separately, like Inbox, Sent Items, and Archive. 

The Accounts and General sections of the Home List

Accounts and General sections of the Home List.

Lastly, if you scroll down the Home List, you'll find the General section with items like Drafts, Add Email Account, and Settings. In Settings, you’ll be able to customize Inky to suit your needs, modify security options, change your Inky password, remove email accounts from Inky, or change your email signature.

Message List

To view your actual email messages, select a mailbox in the Home List. You will be taken to the Message List containing all the messages that fall into the selected mailbox.

The Message List

The Message List.

At the top of the message list is a search bar that lets you quickly search in the individual mailbox. You'll also find the list of "search tokens" saved with the current mailbox, like "unified:inbox" (indicates the mailbox should look for messages across all your inboxes) and "is:unread" (filters down to unread messages). A future email will go into much more detail about Inky's powerful search language, or you can visit http://inky.com to learn more.

You can perform many useful actions like Trash, Archive, or Move directly from the message list by checking the checkbox next to one or more messages and using the buttons in to the top right corner of Inky.


Preview Pane

Once you’ve selected a message from the Message List, you’ll see it displayed in the Preview Pane on the right half of the screen. Most importantly, this displays the contents of the message. You can learn more about the message, or perform actions on it, by clicking the sender name, the “Details” link, or other buttons in the top row. 

Preview Pane displaying a flagged message with a PDF attachment

Preview Pane displaying a flagged message with a PDF attachment.

For some messages, you may see "cards" containing useful information like a map associated with the message, or a handy unsubscribe button. Attachments also appear in the row of cards. 

The Preview Pane also lists "tags" assigned automatically by Inky. For example, message from people you know will be tagged #contact, while mailing list messages will be tagged #subscription and often #unsubscribe. 

Close-up of message tags and cards in the Preview Pane

Close-up of message tags and cards in the Preview Pane.

Tags form the basis for many of the built-in mailboxes, plus you can create your own custom tags to organize mail however you want. We'll discuss tags in more detail in a future email, or you can visit http://inky.com to learn more.