A mailbox in Inky provides a custom view of your mail based on a saved search and other options like how messages are sorted and grouped. Unlike basic folders, a message can be in many mailboxes at once. In fact, mailboxes and folders work perfectly side-by-side. 

Built-In Mailboxes 

Filtered Inbox
This view includes your inboxes without the clutter of messages tagged #blocked, #subscription, or #social. This is the ultimate powerhouse view for getting things done. 

Viewing messages from personal contacts is often all that you really want to do. This view shows inbox messages tagged #contact, allowing you to cut through the fluff and read what is really important. 

Inky isolates your newsletters in one view, so you can read them when you have time, rather than when their publishers send them. Most of these messages also have an unsubscribe button, making this a great mailbox to clean out unwanted bulk mailings. 

Sending messages to yourself is a great way to save notes for later. Inky automatically organizes email to yourself into one view. 

Social notifications can clutter the inbox. Check your social updates separately to catch up on your friends. 

Creating a Custom Mailbox

While Inky's built-in mailboxes are a start, creating your own custom mailboxes really unleashes their power. To create your own mailbox, click the plus (+) icon above the Home List to get to the Create New Mailbox form. Specify a name, description, icon, color, and whether you want new mail notifications related to the messages in the mailbox. When you click the Next button, you'll automatically be taken to the More Options form, where you can modify the search associated with the new mailbox.

Create New Mailbox form 

Create New Mailbox form, accessed from the plus (+) icon above the Home List.

Customizing a Mailbox 

Once you’ve created a new mailbox, you can further customize it using the More Options form accessible from the three-dots icon below the search box in the Message List. Note also that the More Options icon will change color when the mailbox has any unsaved changes (e.g., you typed an additional search token in the search box). 

Customize mailbox form

Customizing a mailbox.

Custom Mailbox Ideas 

Any search can be saved as a custom mailbox. Combined with custom tags, mailboxes are a powerful way to organize your mail. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Tag sensitive, never-can-lose correspondence as #confidential. Then make a mailbox with the search unified:inbox #confidential to keep track of those messages. 

Project Teams
Tag people on a particular project with a tag of your choice, like #projectXYZ, and make a mailbox with the search unified:inbox #projectXYZ to see all the incoming mail relating to that project in one unified view.

Tag emails with business expenses and receipts for expense reports as #expenses. Then create a mailbox with the search #expenses to see all your financial emails in one place. Note that since the search lacks a unified:inbox or other in: token, this will match messages across all folders.

That's all for now. We hope you've found these tips helpful. You can find more examples of Inky’s built-in mailboxes at http://inky.com

The Inky Team