Inky's Search Language 

Using Inky’s powerful search language, you can go beyond keyword searches and find emails with specific properties, such as whether an email is read or unread, if it has an attachment, who it’s from, where it’s located, or if it’s over certain size. 

For example, if you want Inky to search for unread emails, you would type the search operator is:, followed by unread. So including the search token is:unread in your search would tell Inky to search only among your unread emails. Here are a few of the kinds of advanced searches you can perform in Inky:

  • is:unread, is:unansweredis:flagged
  • has:attachment
  • size:>1MB
  • unified:inboxunified:sentunified:archiveunified:trashunified:junk

If you’ve assigned tags to specific emails or senders, you can search for messages with those tags by typing a #tag. For example, if you tagged an email as “travel,” you would search for it by typing #travel into the search bar.


If you want to exclude messages with a specific tag, you can do that by preceding a tag search token with a dash. So if you wanted to search across all your inboxes, but exclude all your travel emails, your search would look like this: 

unified:inbox -#travel.