Mailboxes as searches 

Mailboxes in Inky are saved searches. We've created several that we think are especially useful and will help you save time finding the mail you want to see at any given time. Each mailbox is defined by a set of preselected search terms (aka "search tokens" in Inky). When you open the mailbox, Inky performs the search according to those preselected tokens and loads the results into the Message List. 

For example, the Unified Inbox is a search of all of the inboxes of the accounts you’ve added to Inky. This is specified with the search token unified:inbox

Unified Inbox showing with unified:inbox search token.

The Flagged mailbox is further refined by the search token is:flagged so that it shows only flagged messages from your Unified Inbox. 

Flagged mailbox with is:flagged search token.

Similarly, the Attachments mailbox shows the contents of the Unified Inbox, refined by the search token has:attachment to show only messages with attachments. 

Attachments mailbox with has:attachment search token.


Another powerful mailbox is Personal, which shows messages in your inbox sent by senders tagged #contact. By default, anyone you send mail to will get tagged #contact, so their replies and other messages from them become easier to find. You can also tag individual messages or other senders as #contact if you want to add them to the Personal mailbox. More on that in a later email.

Personal mailbox with search token #contact.

You can add search terms to any mailbox or folder to narrow down your results. Start typing in the search box to see autocomplete suggestions. To add a new token, press Enter or Return when done typing, and you'll see the text you typed moved down into a new token below the search field. 

And don't forget, simple keyword searches work great, too! You'll notice the search results update as you type each letter to help you zone in on exactly what you're looking for. 

More Search and View Options 

For even more search options, click the “More options” button with three dots ( 
 ) below the search bar. Here you'll see suggested search tokens with a preview of how many messages match. You can also find other view options related to message sorting and grouping here. For example, you can turn off grouping messages into Conversations if you prefer. 

More search and view options.