The following is a very brief introduction to what the Inky user interface looks like when a message is encrypted, and what it looks like when a message is not encrypted, if both parties have Inky installed. It will also show what these emails look like in non-Inky clients. 

Inky ensures that only the intended recipient of an email can decrypt the message, guaranteeing that your confidential business, patient, financial or private information stays exactly that - confidential. Please see our FAQ for more on this. And if you have some time on your hands (or trouble sleeping), check out Inky's Security White Paper.

When you successfully add an email account to Inky, you will see a green shield appear beside your email account.  The shield will also appear in the header area in the upper right corner of the content pane. You will also see a grey padlock. When you wish to send an encrypted email, simply check the the "Encrypt" box in the upper right of the message composer.  That's all you have to do!  

After you send the message, your recipient will now have a green padlock letting them know that the email they've received has been encrypted and/or digitally signed.  

Inky will recognize if someone you wish to send an encrypted message to does not have Inky and will ask if you would like to send them an invitation to install Inky.  To see what your encrypted emails will look like in some non-Inky email clients, look at the examples below:

Outlook Desktop:

Microsoft Edge:


Chrome OWA:

iPhone OWA: