This article demonstrates how to install a certificate from an Inky user (or yourself) so you can trust the sender when you get signed mail from someone on a non-Inky client.

1. When an Inky user that you recognize (including yourself, if you send yourself email) sends you a digitally signed mail for the first time, there will be a notation at the top of the message, next to "Signed By", with the following message:
"There are problems with the signature.  Click the signature button for details."  

2. Click the yellow triangle icon with an exclamation point.  This will expand the certificate, showing you who it's from, and asking if you would like to trust it.

3. Since you know this email is from a user you recognize, click "Trust". Outlook will ask you to confirm one more time that you would like to install the certificate. Click "Yes".

4. Now the notation next to "Signed By" will display the email address of the trusted sender. There will be a red ribbon icon in place of the yellow triangle.

5. If you hover over that icon, you will see the message "Digital signature is trusted. Click here for details." Clicking the icon will give you more information about the signature you just added.

Nicely done! You've successfully trusted the sender's digital signature, and you will no longer see warnings about this digital signature on Outlook desktop. You can be sure that the email from that sender is from the only person by that name you're familiar with. However, in a non-Inky client (whether it is a browser or mobile app) this can change the warning after you install the Inky certificate:

Microsoft Edge:

Internet Explorer:


iPhone OWA app: