A mailbox in Inky provides a custom view of your mail based on a saved search and other options like how messages are sorted and grouped. Unlike basic folders, a message can be in many mailboxes at once. In fact, mailboxes and folders work perfectly side-by-side. 

While Inky's built-in mailboxes are a start, creating your own custom mailboxes really unleashes their power. To create your own mailbox:

1. Click the plus (+) icon above the Home List to get to the Create New Mailbox form. 

2. Specify a name, description, icon, color, and whether you want new mail notifications related to the messages in the mailbox. (You need to scroll downwards to see the rest of the features.)

3. Click the "Create Mailbox" button to be automatically be taken to the More Options form.

4. In the More Options form, you can modify the search associated with the new mailbox.