The first time you download Inky, you will need to register your account and pick your Inky username and password

1. Tap on the Inky Icon to open the app. Tap on the “REGISTER" button.



2. Create a unique username and password for your Inky Account.  

3. Create a security question (Optional), or select “Skip” and automatically sign in when you launch Inky.


4. Now you are ready to connect your email accounts.  


5. If you don't have time to add accounts during your register process, you can come back and add account(s) later- tap "Home", then "LOG OUT".  The next time you sign in it will bring you back to the "Add Existing Email Account" screen to add your first email account.


Note:  You only need to register once with Inky. Then download Inky on as many devices as you'd like, and simply sign in!