No. By design, Inky can read your mail and help you organize it, but we, the creators of Inky, cannot. When you read an email with Inky, you’re reading a copy that’s stored in the memory of the machine you’re reading it on — e.g., your desktop computer. Unlike many mail services, with Inky you are not reading a copy of mail that’s stored on our servers somewhere in the cloud. And because Inky never sends us your emails — again, by design — our employees can’t ever access the contents of your email. This protects your privacy. Note, however, that your mail host — the company that provides you your email account and mail storage — very likely can still read your email. There are email storage providers that offer to host your mail in such a way that they cannot read your email; if you are worried about the absolute privacy of your email, you should consider using one of these providers in conjunction with Inky.