The first thing you'll see when you log into Inky is the Home List, where you can navigate to different parts of the app:

The Mailboxes section of the Home List

Mailboxes section of the Home List.

The Mailboxes section contains all your commonly used views or saved searches (aka "mailboxes" in Inky). When you start, you'll just see Inky’s built-in mailboxes, such as the Unified Inbox, Filtered Inbox, Attachments, and Subscriptions. In a future email, we'll explain how to create your own custom mailboxes, such as Coworkers or Bills to Pay. The Edit link at the top of the section lets you reorder the list of mailboxes, or to disable or delete unwanted mailboxes. 

Below Mailboxes, you’ll find the Accounts section, which lists each of the individual email accounts that you’ve added to Inky. Here you can view your existing folders in each account separately, like Inbox, Sent Items, and Archive. 

The Accounts and General sections of the Home List

Accounts and General sections of the Home List.

Lastly, if you scroll down the Home List, you'll find the General section with items like Drafts, Add Email Account, and Settings. In Settings, you’ll be able to customize Inky to suit your needs, modify security options, change your Inky password, remove email accounts from Inky, or change your email signature.