1. From the sign in screen, click "Forgot?" 

2. Inky knows which usernames have logged in locally to the device. Click on your username and it will bring you to the "Reset Password" screen.

3. If you've previously chosen to answer a security question when you set up your Inky account, answer it here, then enter your new password. Confirm it, then click "Save"

If you trusted your device, skip to step 4.

4. Enter your new password. Confirm it, then click "Save".

5. If everything matches, Inky will ask you to login again. Click "OK".

6. This will bring you back to the sign in screenSign in with your new password. Inky will ask if you would like to add a "security question" (again) or "Skip" and trust this local device (again) for the future. You're back in business! 

If you have Inky installed and open on other devices, please close it out on those devices, then log back in with your username and new password.