When you first download Inky, you will need to register for an Inky account by creating a unique username and password on your first device, and sign in to the same account on all your other devices. Everything syncs automatically.
    1. Double-Click on the Inky Icon to open the app. Click on the “REGISTER" button.

        2. This is where you get to create your Inky username. Create a unique username and password for your Inky Account. Do not put an email address in the "Username" field, or create a username with spaces (e.g. "my username"). It should be one name (or concatenated in case of two names). Note that the only special characters Inky accepts in this field are dashes "-", dots ".",  and underscores"_". 

        3. Create a security question (this is essential if you forget your password and need to reset it.  Inky cannot reset your password for you), or select “TRUST THIS DEVICE” to automatically sign in when you launch Inky.

        4. You are now ready to add your email accounts. Inky will prompt you to add your email accounts. If you've acquired a subscription, please start with the account that you first subscribed with. That is the account that Inky will use to recognize your subscription. 

        5. If you don't have time to add accounts during the registration process, you can come back and add the account(s) later.

        Select "CANCEL", then "LOG OUT".  The next time you sign in, Inky will bring you back to the "Add Existing Email Account" screen to add your email account.


        Note:  You only need to register once with Inky. You can then download Inky on as many devices as you'd like, and simply sign in!